Local Partnerships


 "In as much as you have done it to the least of these my brethren – you have done it unto me.” ~ Matthew 25:40


photodune-2573221-partnership-xsBuilding true partnerships is an exercise inbuilding true community.


Serving Our Neighbors - or The SON Committee, as we like to call it, has taken as its 21st Century mission, the belief that we can only accomplish a little through our limited resources and efforts, but by partnering with others who also strive to make a difference in the world - we just might actually accomplish something bigger than ourselves, more fruitful, and hopefully, more lasting. - By partnering - we believe - we all can do so much more!



Family Promise

Westminster supports Family Promise, with time and food. Through Family Promise, a dozen host churches and approximately 20 support churches provide homeless families with transition shelter and meals as they await more permanent housing. Westminster partners with Spokane Friends Church every 12th week, hosting up to four families at a time.


Spokane Friends provides the space, while we prepare and serve most of the evening meals and serve as overnight hosts.

photodune-2200146-partnership-xsEach partner has one piece of the puzzle!

Women's Hearth

Women's Hearth is a subsidiary of Transitions. The Women's Hearth is a safe, welcoming community in downtown Spokane. Women's Hearthpromotes growth and well-being in body, mind, and spirit for women of diverse back- grounds. The Hearth fosters nurturing relationships, encourages self-determination, and advocates for change in systems that oppress women.

Odyssey Youth Center

Odyssey is an after-school program where GLBTQ youth can feel safe, get health counseling, academic tutoring, GED exam support, nutritious food, bus passes, and receive nurturing in family and school communication skills. It is also a place for them to receive encouragement in building a healthy self respect and to acquire leadership skills. Odyssey Youth Center is currently in the process of expanding its available programs and times of operation.


photodune-5171350-partnership-xsPutting the pieces together - when it fits, it fits.


Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Program

We have set up a partnership with this organization to disburse funds that we used to disburse directly from our very own office. This work includes gas vouchers, emergency transportation to return home for those stranded in Spokane, plus medical prescriptions. Contact them directly for your needs. We are grateful to Catholic Charities for working with us to fulfill this need.

photodune-1742881-partnership-xsWorking together – by sharing our visions, our labor, and our wealth, we see the bigger picture come together. – And we accomplish so much more!


Founded in 1985, Crosswalk is an emergency shelter, a school drop-out prevention program, and a group of lifesaving and life-changing programs dedicated to breaking the cycle of youth homelessness. In an average year, Crosswalk serves more than 1,000 youth. Emergency shelter is available 365 days a year and all services are free and voluntary.

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